Atlanta-based artist, musician and children’s book illustrator erin the great is pleased to announce the opening of her art exhibit, Take 5, Fairytales. The exhibit, which is being hosted by Relish, Jr., a sensory-friendly kids salon located at 924 Garrett Street, Suite E, Glenwood Park, Atlanta 30316 opens Saturday, April 16. To celebrate the free event, erin the great and Relish, Jr. are offering sangria and hors d’oeuvres that evening from 5 – 7 pm.

T5F Flyer

Take 5, Fairy Tales opens April 16 at Relish, Jr. in Glenwood Park, Georgia.

“We all know and love fairytales, but what happens to the characters when the story is over? Are the villains still villains? Or do the characters take a break from their roles? “Take 5, Fairytales allows children to explore how they perceive the story,” erin explains. They can be in charge of their own interpretation and feelings.”

Erin encourages parents to discuss what is happening in these art pieces with their children to make it an interactive experience.

“Ask your child questions when observing this series,” she suggests.

What fairytale does this remind you of?
How is this piece different from the story you know?
What do you think the characters will do after this?
What is the difference between what we see and what is imagined?
How does your mood affect/change what you see?
How do these colors make you feel?

“I feel that this kind of discussion will create a long lasting love for art and develop creative thinking skills,” erin says. “Children are naturally artistic. They show us this with their make believe play. We need to foster this kind of creative thinking. Art can expose your child to new worlds! Art can foster curiosity. Art can help you explore perception and expression.


Illustrator erin the great

About erin the great

Erin Wicker, known professionally as erin the great, received her B.F.A. in drawing from the University of Tennessee. Her work has been exhibited in both Tennessee and Georgia and has even been featured onExtreme Makeover: Home Edition. She is currently an exhibiting artist for Art on the Beltline: the largest public art exhibition in Atlanta’s history. She has written and illustrated two children’s books, Mr. Mailbox Man Goes to Work and Just Beyond My Front Door. She has also collaborated with writer Kelly Young-Silverman as the illustrator for the whimsical children’s picture books, Man in the Moon and Where’s Wilson?, both published by WordCrafts Press. During her free time, she plays keys and sings in the band, Imagination Head, with her husband, J.R. They are nearing the release of their 5th album, Chromativerse.

For more information about erin the great visit her online at: or

erin the great is available for interview. For more information or to schedule an interview please contact Bethany Ring at WordCrafts Press.

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