God Sword Awakening

“Who am I?” The disembodied voice purred like icy daggers. “I am the one who will end your world.”

The Zankrex. Evil personified. Creatures born of Dark Energy with only one goal, the extinction of humankind.

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About the Book

It should not be possible. That evil had been blotted out generations before through the combined might of the Divine Blades and their leaders, the God Swords. The Zankrex had disappeared so long ago they were considered by most to be nothing more than myth, a bedtime story to frighten children. But Anthony, a young Divine Blade-in-training, knows the Zankrex are real. He’s seen them in his dreams. And he might be the only thing that stands between them and end of the age.

Genres: Fantasy, Fiction
Tag: Recommended Books
Publisher: WordCrafts Press
Publication Year: 2017
ASIN: B075GX71Y4
ISBN: 780998941660
List Price: $15.99
eBook Price: $6.99
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